1) Teachers at Sunshine are trained not to be “instructors” but rather to be “facilitators” of self-discovery  

    and knowledge. Their role is to encourage children to think beyond than merely passing exams.

2) Coaching provided for competitive exams like I IT, CET, AIEE etc, Medical, Engineering, Law and CA.

3) Personalized concentration & continuous academic assessment of each student. 

4) Student feedback system and evaluation towards excellence.

5) Various activities are conducted in all subjects to fine tune the concepts. Activities like quiz, group discussions, mind mapping, quiz for applying thought, data sufficiency, quiz for mental ability, quiz for logical ability and conceptual thinking. These activities ensure development of mental skills and personal competencies.                                                                                                                                       

6) Workshops for students by visiting resource persons.

7) Industrial visits for enhancing students practical, skill and we keep projects and exhibitions to give hands on experience to our students. 8) We aim at understanding than memorizing.